Essential woodworking hand tools.

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Hand tools come in many different varieties and perform different functions depending on the job you are doing and one of the common ways to waste money is to buy hand tools that are not ideal for the job in hand and many home owners do this from time to time. It can be all too easy to get sidetracked when looking for hand tools and end up purchasing a hand tool we didn’t originally set out to look for.

Once you have established what you need, it is important to stick to the job in hand and only look at the tools you have on your list. This ensures you don’t waste any money along the way. There are many woodworking tools on the market and each perform a different task and it can be quite easy to buy a tool that we later realise isn’t exactly what we need.

Planes and bench chisels are just a few of the tools you will need when working with wood and there are certainly many different varieties in which to choose from. Carving tools are also hand tools that will be required when working with wood and it is always advised you purchase good quality ones. This ensures that they will last the test of time over many years.

There are literally hundreds of woodworking hand tools but there are certain essential hand tools that are considered particularly useful.  It may seem obvious but a good quality hammer is essential for all woodworking tasks.  A tape measure, preferably a retractable one is also vitally important, the retractable tape measure is considered the best type because it is easier to use.

A selection of screwdrivers is also vitally important and you may have a selection at home already but it is always advisable to sort through any hand tools and confirm you have the right sizes for the task in hand. There are many excellent screwdriver sets on the market that can be purchased for a reasonable price and if brought in a set, they will almost certainly work out more cost effective.

Finally a level and a plane are vitally important hand tools when working with wood, a level is a must and come in different sizes. A plane is important and handy for shaving small amounts of wood cleanly and professionally.

There are of course other woodworking hand tools on the market that carry out specific tasks but the ones listed above are the most common hand tools used when working with wood. Always shop around and select hand tools of the highest quality to ensure they last the test of time.



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Essential woodworking hand tools.

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This article was published on 2011/07/11