Excessive Hand Sweating Proven Home Remedies

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If you are troubled by excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis and shying away from social interaction, with the mere action of hand shaking causing you unnecessary embarrassment, you are in need to treat and stop sweaty palms. Here, I will share some home remedy tips for your reference.


Firstly, you need to know the severity of your sweaty hands condition as well as what cause them. Most people react badly under stress and heat. Your palms sweat due to heat and it tries to reduce heat via perspiration. And abnormally high body temperatures arise from hyperactive nervous system. Another reason for high body heat could be due to fast metabolism causing a faster heart beat. This is a somewhat common and involuntary condition with most people.


A more self induced condition is the ingestion of caffeine which is one of the causes that aggravate sweaty hands and palmar hyperhydrosis. Caffeine can cause your nervous system to go into overdrive, thereby giving rise to hyperhidrosis. Hence, if you could slow down your metabolism, you could ease off on sweaty hands. So steer away coffee, chocolate and all caffeine related foods.


Fish oil tend to help slow down the digestive process and hence moderating your metabolism rate as well. Drinking lots of water at room temperature could cool down the system. Salt is a natural mineral which is capable of cooling the body system. Many army troops in tropical countries survive on the mixture of salt and water to cool their over heated, over exercised body systems.


But the most efficient way to treat excessive hand sweating is to make your very own iontophoresis device which could effectively stop sweaty palms within one week. The materials you need are easily available at home or at your local hardware store, namely 6V lantern batteries, short wires with clips, aluminum containers. Connect them up and you have your very own iontophoresis device for twenty dollars or less. And surprisingly, the basic function is not in any way compromised.


There are many home remedies you could utilize to stop sweaty palms, but some are less effective and require a longer time frame to fully take effect. One thing is for sure, if you have excessive hand sweating, you need to find the right treatment and start living.


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Excessive Hand Sweating Proven Home Remedies

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This article was published on 2010/03/31