Giving a Swedish Hand Massage

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Have you ever experienced a Swedish hand massage? Once you have you'll always be begging for another one. It alleviate tension in the hands in addition to calming the client. Isn't that something anyone would love? After reading this guide on this just about anyone could perform them.

Get your client into the proper position. A proper sitting position is the key to administering a correct massage. The person needs to be in a comfy chair and have the arm resting on a table. Instruct them to totally relax the arm. It might be a good idea to place a pillow on the table to rest the arm on. This is going to be the most comfortable position.  

Start massaging your client. Now that your client is comfortable it is time to begin the massage. Get the hand facing upwards, grasping the wrist with your right hand (the other hand can be in any position right now). Using your left hand, hold the client's same hand, and interlock your fingers. Now swap over hands, and repeat the process, using both of your hands to work on one of her hands each time. Take their right hand and make sure the palm is facing upward, then lock fingers together with your left hand.

Put more pressure on it. You will really begin to enjoy the this massage once the real techniques come into play. Apply pressure to the top of your client's hand which should now have the palm down-facing. This motion will serve to open the hand and allow you to work with it. At this point you should have a firm hold on your client's hand during the time you are holding it open and making it flat with your fingers. Try to massage every individual area by moving your fingers around the top of the hand. However, don't bear down too hard, because that can actually hurt your client.

 Begin working on their hand using your thumbs. Now you can use your thumbs to start working the palm of your client. Massage the palm of the open hand, rubbing it up and down. Really aim to massage the tendons of the hand. Use circling movements at the base of their hand (the bottom part which is located at the end or the heel of the hand). Continue and try to focus on the more "meaty" parts of the hand including the sides, bottom and upper portion of the palm. Keep checking to make sure that the client is still comfortable.

Now apply these Swedish massage techniques to the client's other hand. Massage the tendons in the hand with your thumbs and after that, massage in a circle around the meatiest parts of the palm. Ensure they have relaxed the hand entirely as this increases the pleasure during the Swedish hand massage.

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Giving a Swedish Hand Massage

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This article was published on 2010/04/02