Hand Pruners For the Disabled

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Gardening need not be limited to the able bodied enthusiast. In fact, gardening provides a lot of enjoyment and therapeutic benefit for disabled people and the infirm. So that everyone can enjoy getting out into the garden to perform all of the chores required to help the plants thrive and remain healthy, some tools have required modifications.

A hand pruner is an essential tool for a gardener, some might argue the most important tool, but traditional hand pruners can be difficult for a person with a disability to use. Consequently there are some modified pruners available.

In order to make the cutting process easier there are hand pruners available that operate using a ratchet action. This ratchet hand pruner is designed to help someone with a weak grip or who has limited hand movement. Many ratchet pruners are designed with a finger loop to make it even easier to hold.

To avoid having to bend down and pick up stems that have been cut off, there is a range of hand pruners known as cut and hold pruners. These tools contain a mechanism that allows the stem to be held after it has been cut. They are ideal for people who have bad backs, who are blind or partially sighted or for people with only one hand.

Lightweight long reach pruners are another helpful, modified tool that is essentially long handled pruners. They are designed to give the gardener a long reach and supply extra cutting power. They are specially designed for gardeners confined to a wheelchair or who have difficulty in bending down. They can be operated either one handed or two handed so those with a weak grip can also use them.

Just because you are not an able bodied gardener does not preclude you from performing some of the basic tasks in the garden. With the modified tools mentioned above as well as some others, you can get all of the essential pruning work done.

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Hand Pruners For the Disabled

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This article was published on 2010/03/30