Sharpening hand tools and hand pruners.

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Always start off with good quality hand tools that are good quality, this ensures they will last the test of time and do any tasks and jobs not just adequately but brilliantly. Hand tools are extensions of our hands and should be looked after but over time they will become worn and certain hand tools especially will need to be sharpened in order to be effective.

When sharpening hand tools always wear the appropriate safety clothing and goggles, many sharpening tasks are carried out without complete protection and many accidents happen as a result of this. To ensure you are safe and no harm is done, find out what safety wear you need before embarking on any sharpening of hand tools.

Many home owners and those in places of work will find their hand tools will become blunt from time to time and many choose to replace them by purchasing new ones but there is the option to take a little time and sharpen the ones you have, not only will it save you money but it will restore your hand tools back to almost new.

There are many hand tools that will become blunt over time and can be sharpened successfully but a large group of hand tools that regularly need sharpening are garden hand tools.  Garden hand pruners are just one tool that will often become blunt over timer and is one hand tool that is almost useless unless it is sharp.  Hand pruners also need to be regularly maintained and oiled in order to keep them working fine. The tools you will need can be found in most hardware stores and are easy to source. Steel wool and sand paper are just a few items needed when sharpening hand pruners.

Hand tools especially hand pruners are often misused and home owners will use them to cut down branches and twigs that are far too thick, all of this will result in a blunt blade but hand tools and hand pruners don’t always have to be replaced.  Any trees and shrubs cut with blunt hand tools and pruners will almost certainly result in damage, ensuring that it cannot heal properly and grow new shoots. Some of the many tools used for sharpening are files, more notably diamond files.

A range of files are available with different coarseness and all will last for quite a considerable time, files are quite cheap but very effective and hand tools and pruners should only need sharpening about twice a year to ensure they remain effective.




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Sharpening hand tools and hand pruners.

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Sharpening hand tools and hand pruners.

This article was published on 2011/09/20